Watermelon Theme Party Supplies

Have a fruity, juicy party in the summer with these watermelon themed party decorations

Cold, juicy watermelons are always a great option to beat the heat. So come summer, throw your kid a watermelon themed birthday party!

Watermelons are an especially fun idea for a first birthday. With this bright, cool theme, throw a one in a melon birthday party for your little one. While you go through the task of party planning, let us help you with all your watermelon themed party decorations. You can make this party unique by using watermelon themed decorations and colors, with us. Choose from our watermelon banners, watermelon tableware sets and watermelon party favors to make this party fruity!

For DIY watermelon party décor, you can create watermelon balloons by sticking black confetti on red balloons, and dipping the end in green paint.

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Once you’ve settled on your watermelon party decorations, you can play these interesting watermelon themed games, too!

  1. Find the seed

Cut teardrop shaped pieces out of black paper, and write numbers on a few of them. Hide all the seeds, and ask the kids to find them. The numbers can be associated with a certain gift or candy, which your little guests can take home if they pick it!

  1. Watermelon relay race

Group a few kids up, for a relay race in your backyard. Give each team alarge watermelon. The aim is for the first participant to roll the watermelon to the next, and so on. The first to reach the finish line wins.