Lemon Theme Party Supplies

Invite the summer in with these bright lemon party decorations

When life gives you lemons, throw a party with them!

Lemon themed parties are popular in the summer, possibly because they serve as a reminder to slow down and enjoy the little things. School comes to an end, pool parties and long relaxing days are on the horizon, and there’s always a jar of lemonade.

Whether you want to throw a lemon themed birthday baby shower, a birthday party for your little one, or welcome the summer with a get-together in your lawn, a lemon theme is perfect. It’s fresh and breezy, and brings an array of pleasantness with it. While you plan this lemony celebration, let us help you with your lemon themed party decorations. We’ve got different lemon tableware sets, with lemon plates and cups, lemon napkins, lemon tablecloths, and lemon cutlery.

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You can hang yellow paper fans around your house to add to the rest of your lemony decorations!

You can also make DIY lemon themed gift tags and party favors by sticking yellow confetti on them.

You can also use these lemon themed party game ideas to spruce up your lemon themed baby shower, or any other celebration!

  1. Lemon and spoon race

This classic game is fun when you’re outdoors, and great for a lemon themed party!

  1. Who knows mommy best?

This is ideal for a lemon themed baby shower. Create a set of questions about the to-be-mom and put them on to lemon printables. This makes for a fun ice breaker. Alternately, you can create a questionnaire for whoever is the focus of the day, if you’re throwing a birthday party.