Anniversary Party Decoration

Celebrate your special day with these elegant anniversary party decorations

Whether it’s a new marriage, or evergreen romance, your anniversary is special, because it honors the love and commitment you’ve preserved over the last year. Celebrate each other with an anniversary party as beautiful as the bond you share, with our wedding anniversary party decorations.

We’ve got a wide array of wedding anniversary supplies, like “congratulations” balloons, heart shaped confetti, “happy anniversary” banners, anniversary balloon decorations, heart garlands, and much more, to make sure your party dazzles like your love.

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You can implement these ideas in your anniversary party to make it even more fun and romantic.

  1. “How much do I know you” questionnaire

This is something that’s sure to let out a riot of laughter, no matter how old you are. Come up with a set of questions, like “What is your spouse’s greatest fear”, or “What Harry Potter house would your spouse be sorted into?” if you’re both Potterheads, and anything else you find interesting. Get a friend to collect each of your answers, and read them out at your party, to see how well you know each other!

    2. Romantic dinner

Decorate your dining table with candles and flowers, and sprinkle some heart shaped confetti, along with some balloons of your choice, for a romantic dinner and a quiet anniversary celebration.