Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal Party Supplies

Throw an intimate, but fun party with these gender reveal party decorations

The moment you find out your baby’s sex is monumental for you – and joy is always multiplied when it’s shared, right? Gender reveal parties are the perfect way to break the news to your closest friends and family – and experience the revelation together!

You can choose from our gender reveal decorations to add some extra sparkle to your celebration. We’ve got all sorts of decorations in pink and blue, including “It’s a boy” and “It’s a girl” banners, foil balloons, and more. Add some more dazzle with our blue and pink paper fans, confetti, balloons, and streamers, to make your gender reveal more elaborate!

You can even choose to have a gender reveal party combined with a baby shower, for twice the celebration all at once. In addition with your pink or blue gender reveal element, you can implement a fun theme for the rest of the party while you’re showered with gifts. Have a look at our baby shower section for more.

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Here are a few creative gender reveal party ideas you can try.

If you want to find out your baby’s sex along with the rest of your family, you can ask your doctor to put a note saying “Boy” or “Girl” into a sealed envelope, and give the envelope to a trusted friend to plan the party without ruining the surprise.

  1. Gender reveal piñata

Fill a piñata with blue or pink confetti, and burst it for a jazzy, festive gender reveal.


    2. Desserts for gender reveal

You can even give the sealed envelope to a bakery and ask them to prepare cupcakes with neutral colored frosting on the outside, but pink or blue batter on the inside, depending on what’s in the envelope. You’ll know your baby’s sex once you’ve taken a bite!


    3. Guest prizes

Keep two jars labeled “Boy” and “Girl” at your party entrance, and have your guests write their name on a piece of paper (in pink or blue ink if you want to make that themed, too). Ask them to guess the baby’s sex and put their name into the corresponding jar. Once you’ve revealed your baby’s gender, pick out a name from the correct jar, and give that person a prize!