First Birthday

1st Birthday Party Supplies

Celebrate your little one’s first birthday in style with these 1st birthday party decorations

Your little angel turning one is a big deal. A first revolution around the sun is something to celebrate, and we have decorations created especially for that.

While you think about what themes you can use, we already have a bunch in store for a first birthday celebration – all colorful and cute! Choose from fruits, animals, desserts, and other magical themes to spruce up your baby’s first birthday.

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Along with all that, though, we have first birthday party décor you can mix and match with any theme. From first birthday foil balloons, to first birthday banners and tableware sets, you can use our adorable, festive decorations to add more life to your first birthday celebration!

Here are a few simple DIY things you can do to document your baby’s milestone.

  1. Frame the firsts

Write down all your baby’s firsts, and make a collage out of them, along with pictures of your family. You can even use streamers and confetti to add some more color! Frame this and put it up in your baby’s room. This is also something that can be looked back at once they’re older!

  1. Crepe paper everything

You can make all your decorations out of crepe paper streamers! From napkin rings to wall décor, this makes budget-friendly, quirky and colorful party décor.