Valentine’s Day

Valentine Day Decorations

  • Pink Balloon Arch Garland

    Pink Balloon Arch Garland For Party Decoration


    Pink Balloon Arch Garland For Party Decoration

    This packet contains 7 pcs 15 x 5cm White Latex Balloons, 9 pcs 15 x 5cm Pearl pink Latex Balloon, 7 pcs 10 x12cm White Latex Balloons, 8 pcs 8 x 12cm Pearl pink Balloons, 8 pcs 14 x 12cm Confetti Latex Balloons - pink Confetti, 7 pcs 2x 18cm White Latex Balloons and 3 pcs 10x 10cm Round pink Foil Balloons consisting of 4m balloon tape and 40 glue dots.

Make your romantic celebrations special with these Valentine’s Day decorations

Valentine’s Day gives you an excuse to ignite the romance that might have gone dormant for a while, or add a bit of extra spark to your romantic life. Love should be celebrated whether you’ve been together for 3 months, or 3 decades – and love looks different for everyone!

Choose from bold, dainty, and quirky Valentine’s Day party decorations to plan a celebration around your partner – and don’t forget to customize it to your flavor of romance! We have a selection of Valentine’s Day balloons, party props, heart garlands, love banners, love foil balloons, heart shaped confetti, and more – in varying shades of red and pink to mark the occasion. 

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Our versatile Valentine’s Day decor also make for romantic dinner decorations that you can set up for your heartthrob. 

Try out these unconventional Valentine’s Day celebration ideas, if you want to go off the beaten track of dinners and a movie. 

  1. Have a game night

You could play Taboo, card games, Psych! or even trivia games. Spend an evening together doing fun things at home – there’s no pressure, and you’re guaranteed to have tons of laughter. You can add a classic twist to it and have a romantic dinner thereafter, and decorate your home with heart shaped balloons and streamers.


  1. Take a hike

What do love and exercise have in common? It’s happy hormone release! So double the amount of joy, and enjoy the outdoors by finding a scenic spot to hike to. What’s more, you can even prepare a picnic basket to enjoy at the end of your adventure, where you can exchange your Valentine’s Day gifts. Use our Valentine’s Day heart shaped tableware set with disposable napkins, plates and cups to give your picnic a cute, romantic touch.