Father’s Day

Father's Day Party Supplies & Party Decoration

Show your dad how much he means to you with these Father’s Day party decorations

Fathers deserve to be celebrated, and since it’s tough to do that everyday, Father’s Day is made to do exactly that – commemorate your father, and other father figures in your life.

A great way to show your dad how special he is, is to throw him a party for Father’s Day. Let him sleep in and throw him a brunch party with his favorite breakfast and snacks, and make it a celebration just the way he likes it. 

Play the music he loves, with the games he enjoys the most, and decorate your living room, or backyard, with our Father’s Day party supplies. Use balloons, tableware, and streamers in his favorite colors and patterns, and make sure to mix it up with some classic dad jokes!

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Here are a few Father’s Day ideas you can use to make the day special for the man (or men) who raised you!

  1. Have an awards ceremony

Have all the kids make awards for your father. They could be quirky and silly, or heartfelt, depending on which way your dad leans. Handmade awards and original speeches are sure to bring out a few tears and guffaws. You can use our tassels, streamers,  and other adornments to make cute awards!

    2. Dad’s day out

Plan an itinerary with all the things your dad would like to do on a day where he had no responsibilities. Whether that’s a quiet day lazing around and watching movies, or outdoors, playing sports and roaming the city, it’s up to you to plan that for him.