Donut Theme Party Supplies

Let your little ones have their favorite sweet treat with these donut themed party decorations

You donut want your kids to grow up, but they will! What better way to celebrate their birthday than with a donut themed party?

Donuts are a perfect, melt-in-your-mouth sugary dessert, and they’re adorable. While you plan your a-glaze-ing party, we’ll lend you a hand with your donut party supplies. We have all the donut ornaments you can think of – from donut balloons, donut tableware – cups and paper plates, donut banners, and more, for a donut themed party frosted with fun.

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You can even make DIY décor with our confetti. Simply put a handful of confetti into a transparent balloon, and watch a colorful surprise emerge when you blow it up! These bright
decorations will go perfectly with your donut décor.

Once you’ve picked up your donut birthday party decorations, you can check out these games.

We can assure you that your little guests will enjoy them a hole lot!

1. Donut ring toss

Just like regular ring toss, but decorate your hoops with fabric and paper to make it look
like a donut. If you don’t already have hoops, simply cut out a circular piece of cardboard
and paint it brightly!

2. Donut coloring pages

There are innumerable free printables online that you can give your guests for an
afternoon filled with color!

3. Donuts on a string

Hang donut from strings at different heights in your backyard, and have the kids reach up
to them with their mouths. It’s a fun game, and doubles up as decorations too!