Outer Space

Outer Space Theme Party Supplies

Throw a party that’s out of this world with these spaceship and astronaut party decorations

When you’re bored of what the Earth has to offer, throw an outer space themed party for your kids!

Galaxies far far away from our own want to be explored – and your little one could be the astronaut who does. Deck up your home with our space themed birthday decorations, to plan an out of the world celebration! We’ve got all the outer space themed party supplies you need – from space themed party plates, outer space birthday banners and outer space balloons to outer space tableware.

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Here are a few DIY astronaut party decoration ideas you can try with some of our other products!

  1. Spaceship balloon arch

Use our black agate and blue marble balloons, along with our metallic silver balloons to create a balloon arch for the grand entrance to your spaceship!

  1. Put up our silver buntings and star garlands onto navy blue tablecloths to jazz up your space party decorations.
  2. Alien faces

Cut out long teardrop shapes from cardstock, and place them like eyes on latex balloons, and voila! You have balloon aliens to go with the rest of your space decorations.

Blast off your party rocket and remember to send your guests home with space themed party favors!