Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Party Supplies & Party Decoration

Make your mum feel special with these Mother’s Day party supplies and other ideas

When Mother’s Day arrives, being in a frenzy about what to do is natural. After all, the celebration must be just as special as the woman being celebrated, right?

Mother’s Day isn’t about shelling out money, or buying the perfect gift (although that does often add value!), but about the thought that goes behind what you do to celebrate your mother, or the other women in your life who hold a position that important. This could be your aunt, your grandmother, or even your mother-in-law!

A great way to celebrate Mother’s Day, is throwing an intimate party with the people closest to your mum’s heart – her closest family and friends. If the weather permits, you can do this outdoors – in your backyard or garden – and make it a beautiful celebration! Have an elegant brunch with her favorite foods, or a teatime get-together, creating unforgettable memories.

You can use our Mother’s Day party decorations, like our charming party tableware, balloons, and banners, to appeal to your mum’s taste in party décor. Funky or sophisticated, we’ve got a collection of party decorations for every mother.

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Here are a few unconventional ideas for Mother’s Day presents

  1. Make her a mix tape

Put all of your mother’s favorite music into a playlist, and gift it to her! You can do other versions of this by putting in music that reminds you of her, or music relevant to the both of you.


  1. Cook a meal together

Your childhood was spent relishing your mother’s home-cooked meals, so why don’t you learn to recreate it with her? Cook one of her classic dishes together, and maybe you can add your own twist to it later, too!


  1. Gift her a workshop

No matter if your mom loves flower arrangement, painting, or woodwork – there are a whole lot of workshops and clubs available for any hobby she might have. Gift her a day to herself, doing what she loves, with a booking at one of these